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CW Touch Of Gold - Buckskin Arabian Stallion
Ravenwood Liquid Gold Sonimoniet RSI ALMONIET RSI
Ravenwood Aspen RG AL MONE
Focus Inspiration Prince Fanali FOCUS FANALI
Focus in Fashion FOCUS SHALI
Name: CW Touch Of Gold
Bloodline: Ravenwood Liquid Gold x Focus Inspiration
Breed: Arabian
Sex: Stallion
Registered: Yes
Foaled: 2004
Colour: Buckskin
Height: 14.3HH
Horse Location: Tofield, Alberta
Temperament: One of a kind in Canada
Stud Fee: Contact Owner

CW Touch of Gold Will Sire some of the Highest percentage of Diluted Arabians IN THE WORLD. From Pure bred Arabians the foals will be 99.21% 127/128 , Arabian

CW TOUCH OF GOLD came to us from Colors of the Wind Arabians in Ephrata WA. This guy is stunning, a beautiful head, incrediable body with dark golden buckskin color. He has a nicely laid back shoulder, long clean neck, and nice ears. Several of his brothers and sisters have been halter winners in Class \"A\" shows in the US. CW Touch of Golds Full Brother, CW Ibn Liquid Gold is multiple halter champion in Class \"A\".

As far as we know CW Touch of Gold is THE ONLY ONE IN CANADA of this color and this high of a percentage of Arabian Blood...We Are looking forward to eventually breeding to achieve a higher percentage of Correct, Colored, Typey Arabians. Purebred Arabian Horses to not carry the dilute gene. It is impossible to have a Palomino or Buckskin purebred Arabian horse...The color comes from years of carefully breeding the right Partbred diluted colored Arabians to Purebred Arabians. The trick is to not compromise the the arabian personality as well as the conformation...There are only a very few breeders who have done this and acheived with the arabian typyness and personality. In this case it is rare to have a breeding stallion of a dilute color and this high percentage of Arabian Blood... Foals out of purebred mares will carry (127/128) 99.21% Arabian blood! CW TOUCH OF GOLD will be able to sire some of the HIGHEST % OF ARABIAN PALOMINO AND BUCKSKIN FOALS IN THE WORLD.

CW Touch of Gold Carries the blood of Ruminaja Ali, Focus Fanali, TheeEgyptianPrince, RG AL Mone, and more... RG Al Mone was just named a Leading Top Ten Performance Sire at the 2003 Egyptian Event.

Contact Owner:
Email: doubleslipbar@hotmail.com
Ph: (780) 668-8433

Website: Doubleslipbar Ranch

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